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Heartland Ecological Group, Inc. provides our clients with professional ecological solutions. We specialize in the assessment, mapping, restoration, and application of regulatory policies related to wetlands, streams, and other natural resources.

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Knowledgeable and highly regarded professionals trusted by clients and regulators. We understand every project has unique ecological and regulatory challenges – that’s why Heartland’s approach is results-driven and tailored to our client's specific needs. Heartland consistently and safely delivers quality, expertise, and efficiency.

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We are committed to the core values and innovative ideas symbolic of the “Heartland”: Simplicity, honesty, and strong work ethics that are rooted in our local communities, and focused on meaningful client relationships.

Tussock Sedge


New State Wetland Regulatory Reform Bill Signed by Governor Walker

March 28, 2018 - Governor Walker has signed into law Amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 547 now known as WIsconsin Act 183. This new law creates additional exemptions for artificial wetlands and certain nonfederal wetlands. There are also components of Act 183 that modify some requirements for wetland boundary delineations and DNR confirmations; creates wetland mitigation-related grant programs; and allows DNR to assume authority over the federal wetland program if the U.S. EPA agrees to delegate such authority to the State.

View the entire article here.


Wetlands & Waterways

- Assured Wetland Delineations
- Restoration & Mitigation
- Policy & Permitting
- Assessment & Mapping

Geographic Information Systems

- GPS Survey
- Graphical & Mapping Production
- Geospatial Database Development

Natural Resource Assessments

- Threatened & Endangered Species
- Habitat Assessments
- Plant Surveys
- Wetland Assessment
- Environmental Corridor Mapping

Regulatory Policy & Permitting

- Permit Process Facilitation & Submittal
- National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Support
- Environmental Compliance Monitoring
- Expert Witness Testimony
- Artificial Wetland Exemption Reviews

Ecological Restoration

- Private Wetland Mitigation Banking
- State Sponsored In-Lieu Fee Mitigation
- Natural Community Restoration
- Native Landscape Design
- Coordination & Management of Restoration Construction & Maintenance


Career Opportunities

Ecological Restoration Technician

Senior Scientist / Wetland Ecologist - WDNR Assured Wetland Delineator

Senior Scientist / Wetland Ecologist



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